Ascilite2014 Presentation

Emily and I are presenting on our badge trouble at Ascilite in Dunedin today, at 3.10pm (NZ time) in the lecture theatre. Here’s a quick link to our Prezi if you’d like to follow along.

You can also follow the conversation on Twitter on the hashtag #ascilite2014!


State of the union with ANU badges

As our badge team heads towards the end of the year and to the ascilite conference in Dunedin, New Zealand, we thought it was due time to give an update on our badges project thus far. At the time of writing, we have successfully delivered 37 badges to ANU research students for completing modules on research integrity and library research skills. There’s a new page describing our badges available here. As it turns out, the design and delivery of the badges were theĀ  most straightforward part of the process. But as badges are intended to be moveable and visible externally, they cause a lot of problems for existing university systems and processes. Badges are still in their infancy, and a full institutional implementation is a time-consuming and expensive proposition involving multiple governance groups, committees, legal teams, and so on. Communication with students and stakeholders about the function and role of badges is another key area which will need to be addressed if badges are to be used in larger projects. After all, if you don’t know what it means or what to do with it, the badge loses much of its value.

I’m sure we will have many productive discussions about badges at ascilite next week, but for any readers out there who are working on their own badges projects, we’d love to hear how the implementation side of your project is going. Leave us a note in the comments!