Our badges

The Insignia project is currently offering the following badges to ANU research students as evidence of their completion of professional development modules.


Research Integrity BadgeResearch Integrity Training

This badge is offered to students who have completed the required training on research integrity offered by the Research Skills and Training unit at ANU. The students were required to complete an online course and pass an assessment to demonstrate their understanding of research integrity, including human research ethics, data management, plagiarism, animal ethics, and research misconduct.

This was the first badge we offered.




Library Module 1 Badge


Library Search Skills and Strategies

This badge is the first of a series of badges created in conjunction with the ANU Library. It demonstrates that the holder has successfully completed the online module on library search sills and strategies, including how to complete topic analysis, keyword selection, and search strategies for finding resources in the ANU Library and online databases.




Library Module 2 Badge

Endnote: Collect, Curate, Create

This is the second in our series of Library badges. It is given to students who have completed an online module on using the reference management software, Endnote. Holders of this badge were required to complete short assessments to demonstrate that they can successfully collect resources into Endnote, organise and curate their reference collections, and create reference lists.



LIbrary Module 3 Badge

Increasing Research Impact

This is the third badge for Library skills. The holder of this badge has demonstrated their understanding of key issues in increasing research impact, including: citation analysis, scholar profiles, open access, and data citations verified by an online assessment.



library uber badgeLibrary Research Skills

Once a student successfully completes the three Library badges listed above, they are eligible for this special badge which demonstrates that they have Library research skills in the three areas.



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